HD places the health of its workers at the core of the decision making processes; given that the rig activities must necessarily be performed during 24/7 work shifts, for the purpose of the health of the workers, the managing of the medical examinations must take in consideration the numerous factors intrinsic to the activities, such as extreme climate conditions, night working, jet-lags, etc.

HD places the health of its workers at the centre of the organisational procedures regarding the human resources.
In addition, HD:
  • Supplies to its staff the possibility of accessing the energy sector supplement health care fund (FASIE)
  • Establishes the health protocol to which the HD staff is subjected and which is “customised” based on the assessment of risks which includes also analysing the context in which the job is to be performed : desert, cold environment, off-shore, area and jet lag.
  • Assesses and possibly updates the health protocol during the annual safety meeting in order to include any specific instructions/recommendations supplied by the assigned coordinating physician. 
  • Supplies to its staff specific PPEs and conform to the medical requirements (i.e.: safety goggles with graduated lenses when required by eye specialist’s prescriptions).
  • Supplies supplemental accident insurance for covering specific risks.
  • Conducts specific studies for assessing the effects of noises and vibrations on workers with identification of measures for mitigating health (PPE, operating procedures, reduction of times of exposures, etc.)