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Hydro Drilling S.r.l. manages and operates with five rigs onshore and offshore with a pulling capacity between 90 and 200 metric tons.  These rigs are used for the oil, gas and geothermal markets.


  • ONSHORE and OFFSHORE rigs:  Hydro Drilling runs a fleet of rigs all equipped with materials and equipment in order to meet the clients’ requests, to follow the best procedures and to comply with strict norms of the countries in which it operates.
  • Rigs for workover and P&A activities:  Hydro Drilling has smaller moveable rigs which can be easily assembled and quickly moved.

By employing highly qualified people, Hydro Drilling aims at achieving its objectives based on its policy:

  • Preservation of the environment;
  • Highest customer satisfaction;
  • Zero accidents;
  • Safeguard of health and safety of its workers;
  • Zero rig downtime;
  • Reduction of wear and tear damage.

Hydro Drilling has a forty year experience in the management of onshore and offshore operations.  Such expertise has been developed thanks to continuous improvement processes, streamlining of production processes thus having as a final objective the highest quality standards.

In addition, the most recent rigs’ acquisitions have made it possible to include all technological innovations of the sector thus further increasing the value of the services offered.

The most recent rigs acquired by the company – such as the hydraulic Rigs HH220 – make it possible to reduce acoustic and gaseous emissions in the atmosphere which results as well in a reduction on the health risk for the operators.

Hydro Drilling operative strategy is based on a high automation level; it allows the company to provide highly versatile and high performance rigs.

Specific programmed ordinary and extra ordinary maintenance procedures are the reason for the high efficiency of the rigs and the maximum reduction of shutdown times.

In addition, centralized and on-site warehouses guarantee the speedy availability of spare parts and consumables.

It is only in this manner that you reach Hydro Drilling results.  Our achievements are greatly appreciated by all our clients, it is only thanks to our flexibility that we are able to meet the most demanding and difficult requests of our clients.

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